Analyses of PS integrin functions during Drosophila development.

  title={Analyses of PS integrin functions during Drosophila development.},
  author={Susan B Zusman and Yevgenya Grinblat and Gene H. Yee and F. C. Kafatos and Richard O Hynes},
  volume={118 3},
The Drosophila position-specific (PS) antigens are homologues of the vertebrate integrins, a family of transmembrane proteins that function in cell-matrix and cell-cell adhesion. The common beta subunit of PS integrins (PS beta) is encoded by the lethal(l)myospheroid gene (mys) and is required during wing, eye and muscle development. By expressing PS beta protein at defined developmental periods, we have shown that PS integrins are required throughout pupation, but not earlier, for normal… CONTINUE READING
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