Analyse et compensation des imperfections des blocs élémentaires d'un convertisseur modulateur sigma-delta à temps continu en technologie AsGa

  title={Analyse et compensation des imperfections des blocs {\'e}l{\'e}mentaires d'un convertisseur modulateur sigma-delta {\`a} temps continu en technologie AsGa},
  author={Emilie Avignon and Sylvie Guessab and Richard Kielbasa and Jean-Marc Guebhard},
A box for supplying items to be used in garages such as seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor carpets, trash bags, replacement parts bags, foils for sealing the interior of doors and bags for tires includes a portion being made of cardboard and including a plurality of side walls and front walls. The portion in its upright position forms the shape of the box. A roll having a width is located in the portion in its upright position. The roll includes a sheet material including items to be… CONTINUE READING