Analogy Between the "Hidden Order" and the Orbital Antiferromagnetism in URu_{2-x}Fe_{x}Si_{2}.

  title={Analogy Between the "Hidden Order" and the Orbital Antiferromagnetism in URu\_\{2-x\}Fe\_\{x\}Si\_\{2\}.},
  author={H.-H. Kung and Sheng Ran and Noravee Kanchanavatee and Viktor Krapivin and A. Lee and John A. Mydosh and Kristjan Haule and M. Brian Maple and Girsh Blumberg},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={117 22},
We study URu_{2-x}Fe_{x}Si_{2}, in which two types of staggered phases compete at low temperature as the iron concentration x is varied: the nonmagnetic "hidden order" (HO) phase below the critical concentration x_{c}, and unconventional antiferromagnetic (AFM) phase above x_{c}. By using polarization resolved Raman spectroscopy, we detect a collective mode of pseudovectorlike A_{2g} symmetry whose energy continuously evolves with increasing x; it monotonically decreases in the HO phase until… Expand
Octupolar versus Néel Order in Cubic 5d^{2} Double Perovskites.
Time-of-flight neutron spectroscopy and neutron and x-ray diffraction studies of the 5d^{2} double perovskite magnets are shown to be consistent with ferro-octupolar symmetry breaking below T^{*], and are discussed in the context of other 5d doublePerovskites and theories of exotic orders driven by multipolar interactions. Expand
Impact of Fe substitution on the electronic structure of URu$_2$Si$_2$
The application of pressure as well as the successive substitution of Ru with Fe in the hidden order (HO) compound URu$_2$Si$_2$ leads to the formation of the large moment antiferromagnetic phaseExpand
From hidden order to antiferromagnetism: Electronic structure changes in Fe-doped URu2Si2
Using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, it is found that while the Fermi surfaces of the HO and of a neighboring antiferromagnetic phase of well-defined order parameter have the same topography, they differ in the size of some, but not all, of their electron pockets. Expand
EXAFS investigation of the local structure in URu2−xFexSi2 : Evidence for distortions below 100 K
X-ray absorption measurements at the U ${L}_{\mathrm{III}}$, Ru $K$, and Fe $K$ edges are reported for the hidden order (HO) materialExpand
Isoelectronic perturbations to f-d-electron hybridization and the enhancement of hidden order in URu2Si2
This work tracks the temperature increase of the resistive signature of the hidden-order (HO) phase transition in URu2Si2, a mysterious phase with unknown order parameter and presents a scenario in which the application of pressure or the isoelectronic substitution of Fe and Os ions for Ru results in an increase in the hybridization of the U-5f-electron and transition metal d-Electron states which leads to electronic instability in the paramagnetic phase. Expand
Hidden order and beyond: An experimental - theoretical overview of the multifaceted behavior of URu2Si2.
This Topical Review describes the multitude of unconventional behaviors in the hidden order, heavy fermion, antiferromagnetic and superconducting phases of the intermetallic compound URu when tuned with pressure, magnetic field, and substitutions for all three elements and attempts to answer how does random substitutions of other elements affect and transform the HO. Expand
Quasiparticle relaxation dynamics in URu2−xFexSi2 single crystals
We investigate quasiparticle relaxation dynamics in URu$_{2-x}$Fe$_{x}$Si$_{2}$ single crystals using ultrafast optical-pump optical-probe (OPOP) spectroscopy as a function of temperature ($T$) andExpand
Griffiths phase-like exponents in the hidden-order state of URu2Si2
Abstract We report electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and specific heat measurements of high-quality URu2Si2 single crystals at ambient pressure, in the hidden-order (HO) region of theExpand
Phase diagram of URu2–xFexSi2 in high magnetic fields
The 3D phase diagram of transition temperature (T)–magnetic field (H)–Fe substituent concentration (x) is established, which provides ready access to many of the salient features of the HO and LMAFM phases and establishes a single relation between the transition temperature and the critical magnetic field for the HO phase. Expand
Magnetoelastic coupling in URu2Si2 : Probing multipolar correlations in the hidden order state
Time reversal symmetry and magnetoelastic correlations are probed by means of high-resolution volume dilatometry in URu2Si2 at cryogenic temperatures and magnetic fields more than enough to suppressExpand


Distinct magnetic spectra in the hidden order and antiferromagnetic phases in URu 2 -x Fe x Si 2
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Hidden order signatures in the antiferromagnetic phase of U (Ru 1 -x Fe x ) 2 Si 2
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Electrodynamics of the antiferromagnetic phase in URu 2 Si 2
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Colloquium: Hidden order, superconductivity, and magnetism: The unsolved case of URu 2 Si 2
This Colloquium reviews the 25 year quest to understand the continuous (second-order), mean-field-like phase transition occurring at 17.5 K in ${\mathrm{URu}}_{2}{\mathrm{Si}}_{2}$. About ten yearsExpand
Magnetic excitations and ordering in the heavy-electron superconductor URu2Si2.
It is found that the upper (17.5 K) transition is to an antiferromagnetic phase with a (100) modulation wave vector and spins along the tetragonal c-axis and the ordered moment is unusually small. Expand
Twofold enhancement of the hidden-order/large-moment antiferromagnetic phase boundary in the URu2-xFexSi₂ system
Electrical resistivity, specific heat, and magnetization measurements on URu2-xFexSi₂ reveal a twofold enhancement of the “hidden-order” (HO)/large-moment antiferromagnetic (LMAFM) phase boundaryExpand
Chemical pressure tuning of URu2Si2 via isoelectronic substitution of Ru with Fe
We have used specific heat and neutron diffraction measurements on single crystals of ${\mathrm{URu}}_{2\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{Fe}}_{x}{\mathrm{Si}}_{2}$ for Fe concentrationsExpand
Temperature-pressure phase diagram ofURu2Si2from resistivity measurements and ac calorimetry: Hidden order and Fermi-surface nesting
By performing combined resistivity and calorimetric experiments under pressure, we have determined a precise temperature-pressure $(T,P)$ phase diagram of the heavy fermion compoundExpand
Observation of multiple-gap structure in hidden order state of URu 2 Si 2 from optical conductivity
We have measured the far infrared reflectance of the heavy fermion compound URu$_2$Si$_2$ through the phase transition at T$_{HO}$=17.5 K dubbed 'hidden order' with light polarized along both the a-Expand
Antiferromagnetic critical pressure in URu_{2}Si_{2} under hydrostatic conditions
The onset of antiferromagnetic order in URu2Si2 has been studied via neutron diffraction in a helium pressure medium, which most closely approximates hydrostatic conditions. The antiferromagneticExpand