Analogues of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid. Synthesis and binding studies.

  title={Analogues of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid. Synthesis and binding studies.},
  author={Jean Jacques Bourguignon and Ang{\`e}le Schoenfelder and Martine Schmitt and Camille G. Wermuth and Viviane Hechler and Baudouin Le Charlier and Michel Maitre},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={31 5},
Substituted 4-hydroxybutyric (GHB) or trans-4-hydroxycrotonic acids (T-HCA) and structurally related compounds were synthesized and submitted to [3H]GHB binding. Structure-activity relationships studies highlighted for [3H]GHB binding (a) the necessity of a nonlactonic, relatively extended conformation of the gamma-hydroxybutyric chain, (b) the existence of some bulk tolerance in the vicinity of the hydroxyl group, and (c) the high sensitivity toward isosteric replacements of the carboxyl or… CONTINUE READING