Analizador de Completitud de Requisitos Escritos en Español Restringido


In this paper, we propose a tool for Requirements completeness analysis over requirements written in restricted Spanish. This tool materialize a method for requirements completeness based on a linguistic approach, more specifically based on semantic cases associated with verb senses. We also present the process for effectiveness of the tool, in completeness on several case studies, using precision as a quantitative indicator of effectiveness. We obtain some preliminary results confirming the hypothesis, and we show that this tool will be helpful for writing complete requirements specifications and for improving software quality based on them.

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@article{Navarro2005AnalizadorDC, title={Analizador de Completitud de Requisitos Escritos en Espa{\~n}ol Restringido}, author={Javier Navarro and Ricardo Orozco and Aldrin Fredy Jaramillo and Carlos Mario Zapata Jaramillo}, journal={RASI}, year={2005}, volume={2}, pages={18-25} }