Analgesic and other effects of nalmexone in man

  title={Analgesic and other effects of nalmexone in man},
  author={William H. Forrest and Phyllis F. Shroff and Donald L. Mahler},
  journal={Clinical Pharmacology \& Therapeutics},
Analgesic and other effects of nalmexone, an n‐dimethylallyl derivative of oxymorphone, were compared with those of morphine in 451 surgical patients in 2 hospital members of the VA Cooperative Analgesic Study. Based on total analgesia for a 255 minute observation period, relative potency estimates indicated that 70 to 90 mg. of nalmexone was equivalent to 10 mg. of morphine. Sedation and, to a lesser extent, sweating were frequent effects of both drugs. 
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