Analgesic and antiinflammatory activities of Erigeron floribundus.

  title={Analgesic and antiinflammatory activities of Erigeron floribundus.},
  author={Emmanuel Acha Asongalem and Harquin Simplice Foyet and Jeanne Ngogang and Gabriel Ngosong Folefoc and Th{\'e}ophile Dimo and Pi{\`e}rre Kamtchouing},
  journal={Journal of ethnopharmacology},
  volume={91 2-3},
This study was intended to evaluate the analgesic and antiinflammatory activities of an aqueous extract of Erigeron floribundus (H.B. & K) or (syn": Conyza sumatrensis (Retz) E.K. Walker) (Asteraceae). Phytochemical analysis was carried out using standard methodologies. The analgesic investigations were carried out against two types of noxious stimuli, chemical (formalin-induced pain and acetic acid-induced writhing) and thermal (hotplate and tail immersion tests). The effects following aspirin… CONTINUE READING
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