Analgesic activity of some Indian medicinal plants.

  title={Analgesic activity of some Indian medicinal plants.},
  author={P. Malairajan and Geetha Gopalakrishnan and Sandhya Narasimhan and K Jessi Kala Veni},
  journal={Journal of ethnopharmacology},
  volume={106 3},
In the present study of some of the Indian medicinal plants Sida acuta whole plant (Malvaeae), Stylosanthes fruticosa (whole plant) (Papilionaceae), Toona ciliata (heart wood) (Meliaceao), Bougainvilla spectabilis (leaves) (Nyctaginaceae), Ficus glomerata (bark, leaves) (Moraceae) and Polyalthia longifolia (leaves) (Annonaceae). The different plants were used in folklore medicine in the treatment of toothache and strengthening of gums, anthelmintic, kidney diseases, analgesic, anti-inflammatory… CONTINUE READING


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