Analgesia from Electrical Stimulation in the Brainstem of the Rat

  title={Analgesia from Electrical Stimulation in the Brainstem of the Rat},
  author={David J. Mayer and Thomas L. Wolfle and Huda Akil and Brooks Carder and John C. Liebeskind},
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Stimulation at several mesencephalic and diencephalic sites abolished responsiveness to intense pain in rats while leaving responsiveness to other sensory modes relatively unaffected. The peripheral field of analgesia was usually restricted to one-half or to one quadrant of the body, and painful stimuli applied outside this field elicited a normal reaction. Analgesia outlasted stimulation by up to 5 minutes. Most electrode placements that produced analgesia also supported self-stimulation.One… 

Effects of analgesic midbrain stimulation on reflex withdrawal and thermal escape in the rat.

  • W. Y. Soper
  • Psychology, Biology
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Strong analgesia produced by mesencephalic electrical brain stimulation in rats significantly increased escape latencies in two-way escape from a floor heated by hydraulic circulation, in relation to possible neural pain suppression systems with critical components situated in the midbrain.

Analgesia produced by electrical stimulation of the brain

  • D. Mayer
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Pain reduction by electrical brain stimulation in man. Part 1: Acute administration in periaqueductal and periventricular sites.

Acute studies performed in five patients indicate that electrical stimulation of the brain could be a powerful tool for the reduction or control of intractable pain. While chronic or spontaneous pain

Analgesia induced by electrical stimulation of the brain stem in animals: involvement of serotoninergic mechanisms.

The same analgesic effects following stimulation of the periaqueductal grey matter have now been reported in cat 43, 53, monkey 27, and man 1, 36, 64.

Behavioral and electrophysiological evidence of pain inhibition from midbrain stimulation in the cat

In anesthetized cats, effects of midbrain stimulation were studied on evoked activity in dorsal horn lamina 4 and 5 cells and the possible relationship between analgesia and lamina 5 cell inhibition are discussed.



Surgery in the Rat during Electrical Analgesia Induced by Focal Brain Stimulation

It was concluded that focal brain stimulation in this region can induce analgesia in the absence of diffusely applied "whole brain" stimulation.

Attenuation of Aversive Properties of Peripheral Shock by Hypothalamic Stimulation

Experimental reports of alleviation of pain with positive brain stimulation and control experiments demonstrating that animals did not discriminate between hypothalamic stimulcation and paired hypothalamic stimulation and foot shock supported the view that hypothalamic stimulating attenuates the aversive properties of foot shock.

Relief of pain by electrical stimulation of the septal area.

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Temperature responses in the rat following intracerebral microinjection of morphine.

It is suggested that the hypothermic effect of morphine is due to depression of the set point of the thermoregulatory center in the anterior hypothalamus.