Anaerobiosis and symbiosis with bacteria in free-living ciliates.

  title={Anaerobiosis and symbiosis with bacteria in free-living ciliates.},
  author={Tom M Fenchel and Trent Perry and A Thane},
  journal={The Journal of protozoology},
  volume={24 1},
Marine, sediment-dwelling ciliates were examined for cytochrome oxidase activity by a cytochemical method and for fine structural details. Species of Plagiopylidae (Trichostomatida), i.e. Plagiopyla frontata, Sonderia vorax and Sonderia sp., and of Heterotrichda, i.e., Parablepharisma pellitum, Parablepharisma sp., Metopus contortus, Metopus vestitus and Caenomorpha capucina; previously considered to be obligate anaerobes because of their sulfide-containing habitat, do not have cytochrome… CONTINUE READING


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