Anaerobic capacity: effect of computational method.

  title={Anaerobic capacity: effect of computational method.},
  author={Dionne A. Noordhof and A Vink and Jos J. de Koning and Carl Foster},
  journal={International journal of sports medicine},
  volume={32 6},
Anaerobic capacity (AnC) can be estimated by subtracting VO (2) consumed from VO (2) demand, which can be estimated from multiple submaximal exercise bouts or by gross efficiency (GE), requiring one submaximal bout. This study compares AnC using the MAOD and GE method. The precision of estimated VO (2) demand and AnC, determined by MAOD using 3 power output - VO (2) regressions, based on VO (2) from min 8-10 (10 - Y), during min 4 without (4 - Y) and with forced y-intercept (4+Y), and from GE… CONTINUE READING

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