Anaerobic arsenite oxidation by novel denitrifying isolates.

  title={Anaerobic arsenite oxidation by novel denitrifying isolates.},
  author={Elizabeth Danielle Rhine and Craig D. Phelps and Lily Y. Young},
  journal={Environmental microbiology},
  volume={8 5},
Autotrophic microorganisms have been isolated that are able to derive energy from the oxidation of arsenite [As(III)] to arsenate [As(V)] under aerobic conditions. Based on chemical energetics, microbial oxidation of As(III) can occur in the absence of oxygen, and may be relevant in some environments. Enrichment cultures were established from an arsenic contaminated industrial soil amended with As(III) as the electron donor, inorganic C as the carbon source and nitrate as the electron acceptor… CONTINUE READING


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