Anaerobic Membrane BioReactor modeling in the presence of Soluble Micro ‐ bial Products ( SMP )-the Anaerobic Model AM 2 b

  title={Anaerobic Membrane BioReactor modeling in the presence of Soluble Micro ‐ bial Products ( SMP )-the Anaerobic Model AM 2 b},
  author={Boumediene Benyahia and Tewfik Sari and Brahim Cherki and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Harmand},
In this paper, we develop a mathematical model of anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBR) for control design purposes. In particular, we integrate into this model the production and the degradation of Soluble Microbial Products (SMP), which are known to play an important role in the membrane fouling phenomenon. The proposed model, named AM2b, is based on the modification of the AM2 two step model initially proposed in [1]. We present a graph-based approach to determinate its equilibria and… CONTINUE READING


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