Anaerobic Biooxidation of Fe(II) by Dechlorosoma suillum

  title={Anaerobic Biooxidation of Fe(II) by Dechlorosoma suillum},
  author={Joseph G. Lack and Swades K. Chaudhuri and Ranjan Chakraborty and Laurie A. Achenbach and John D Coates},
  journal={Microbial Ecology},
Anaerobic microbial oxidation of Fe(II) was only recently discovered and very little is known about this metabolism. We recently demonstrated that several dissimilatory perchlorate-reducing bacteria could utilize Fe(II) as an electron donor under anaerobic conditions. Here we report on a more in-depth analysis of Fe(II) oxidation by one of these organisms, Dechlorosoma suillum. Similarly to most known nitrate-dependent Fe(II) oxidizers, D. suillum did not grow heterotrophically or… CONTINUE READING


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