Anacroneuria (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from the Boracéia Biological Station, São Paulo State, Brazil

  title={Anacroneuria (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from the Borac{\'e}ia Biological Station, S{\~a}o Paulo State, Brazil},
  author={C. Froehlich},
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Seven species of Anacroneuria from the Boracéia Biological Station are studied; two — A. boraceiensis sp. n. and A. vanini sp. n. — are described as new. The others are A. paulina (Navás), A. petersi Froehlich, A. polita (Burmeister), A. subcostalis Klapálek and A. uyara Froehlich. 
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21/XI/1980, SAV. Paratypes: 1 ǩ, 28-30/XI/1963, S. Rand, N. Papavero; 1 Ǩ, 3-8/I/1974
    Remarks This species, described from Santa Catarina State, seems to be a newcomer in EBB, as it began being collected in 2001
    • Anacroneuria vanini sp. n. (Figs