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Anacker Josephson Computer Technology : An IBM Research Project

  title={Anacker Josephson Computer Technology : An IBM Research Project},
  author={Wilhelm Anacker},
This special issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development describes the status of IBM's research project on Josephson computer technology. This first paper traces the origins and history of Josephson technology as it led to the project and outlines the project's scope. The potential of the technology for ultrahigh-performance computer mainframes is discussed and the major technological characteristics of LSI Josephson devices are examined. The paper then provides an overview outline of… 



The Cryotron-A Superconductive Computer Component

  • D. Buck
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the IRE
  • 1956
The study of nonlinearities in nature suitable for computer use has led to the cryotron, a device based on the destruction of superconductivity by a magnetic field. The cryotron, in its simplest

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