An updated catalogue of the Geometridae (Lepidoptera: Geometroidea) from Chile. Part I: Archiearinae, Geometrinae and Sterrhinae

  title={An updated catalogue of the Geometridae (Lepidoptera: Geometroidea) from Chile. Part I: Archiearinae, Geometrinae and Sterrhinae},
  author={Mario I. Ramos-Gonz{\'a}lez and Carlos Zamora-Manzur and Carolina A. Rose-Garrido and Luis E. Parra},
  journal={Gayana (Concepci{\'o}n)},
The Geometridae are the second most diverse family of Lepidoptera. Seven subfamilies of geometrid moths have been recognized worldwide, and five of those have been recorded in Chile. The highest species richness of Chilean Geometrids is concentrated in Ennominae and Larentiinae, subfamilies that will be treated in subsequent volumes of this catalog. The earlier catalogue of the Chilean geometrid moths was published by Angulo & Casanueva (1981), who listed species with no more records that type… 

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