An update on vector boson pair production at hadron colliders


We present numerical results (including full one-loop QCD corrections) for the processes pp̄ and pp → W+W−, W±Z/γ∗ and Z/γ∗ Z/γ∗ followed by the decay of the massive vector bosons into leptons. In addition to their intrinsic importance as tests of the standard model, these processes are also backgrounds to conjectured non-standard model processes. Because of the small cross sections at the Tevatron, full experimental control of these backgrounds will be hard to achieve. This accentuates the need for up-to-date theoretical information. A comparison is made with earlier work and cross section results are presented for pp̄ collisions at √ s = 2 TeV and pp collisions at √ s = 14 TeV. Practical examples of the use of our calculations are presented. Submitted to Physical Review D

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