An update on HDV: virology, pathogenesis and treatment.

  title={An update on HDV: virology, pathogenesis and treatment.},
  author={M{\'o}nica Viviana Alvarado-Mora and Stephen L. Locarnini and Mario Rizzetto and Jo{\~a}o Renato Rebello Pinho},
  journal={Antiviral therapy},
  volume={18 3 Pt B},
Hepatitis delta is an inflammatory liver disease caused by infection with HDV. HDV is a single-stranded circular RNA pathogen with a diameter of 36 nm. HDV is classified in the genus Deltavirus and is still awaiting a final taxonomic classification up to the family level. HDV shares similarities with satellite RNA and viroids including a small circular single-stranded RNA with secondary structure that replicates through the 'double rolling circle' mechanism. The HDV RNA genome is capable of… CONTINUE READING


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