An unusual complication of a "blind" femoral embolectomy.


Iatrogenic pseudoaneurysms after femoral embolectomy are unusual and have been described in the peroneal, posterior tibial, and popliteal arteries. We present an unusual case of such a pseudoaneurysm originating from a medial superior genicular collateral vessel that was coming off the proximal popliteal artery at an acute angle. It is likely that the embolectomy catheter had accidentally entered this branch, which ruptured when the balloon was inflated. Transcatheter coil embolization resulted in successful thrombosis of the pseudoaneurysm.

DOI: 10.1016/j.avsg.2010.02.029

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@article{Karkos2010AnUC, title={An unusual complication of a "blind" femoral embolectomy.}, author={Christos D. Karkos and Dimitrios G. Karamanos and D. Papadimitriou and Filippos P. Demiropoulos and Neophytos A Zambas and Thomas S. Gerassimidis}, journal={Annals of vascular surgery}, year={2010}, volume={24 6}, pages={824.e15-7} }