An understanding of Native American entrepreneurship

  title={An understanding of Native American entrepreneurship},
  author={Rick Colbourne},
  journal={Small Enterprise Research},
  pages={49 - 61}
  • Rick Colbourne
  • Published 2 January 2017
  • Sociology
  • Small Enterprise Research
ABSTRACT Native American entrepreneurship is not just about money, it is about history, tradition, culture and language embedded in time and traditional territory. It is the creation, management and development of entrepreneurial ventures by Native American peoples for the benefit of Native American peoples. With increased recognition of rights come increased opportunities for Native American entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ventures that focus on social, economic and environment value… 
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in English) Deinococcus radiodurans is a gram positive polyextremophylic bacteria belonging to the Deinococcus genus. Its polyextremophylic features like UV-resistance, ionising radiation resistance,


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