An understanding between Bollywood and Hollywood? The meaning of Hollywood‐style music in Hindi films

  title={An understanding between Bollywood and Hollywood? The meaning of Hollywood‐style music in Hindi films},
  author={Anna Morcom},
  journal={British Journal of Ethnomusicology},
  pages={63 - 84}
  • A. Morcom
  • Published 1 January 2001
  • Art
  • British Journal of Ethnomusicology
The symphonic style of Hollywood film music has become a standard part of the background music, and some of the instrumental sections of songs, in Hindi films since around 1950. Music is used in both songs and backing scores to express aspects of drama and narrative, and Hollywood‐style symphonic music and some of its distinctive techniques have become an important part of that expression. This paper examines some examples of the use of Hollywood‐style music in Hindi films and considers what… Expand
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