An unannotated α/β hydrolase superfamily member, ABHD6 differentially expressed among cancer cell lines

  title={An unannotated α/β hydrolase superfamily member, ABHD6 differentially expressed among cancer cell lines},
  author={F. Li and Xiangwei Fei and J. Xu and C. Ji},
  journal={Molecular Biology Reports},
  • F. Li, Xiangwei Fei, +1 author C. Ji
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Molecular Biology Reports
  • Abhydrolase domain containing (Abhd) gene was a small group belongs to α/β hydrolase superfamily. Known members of this group are all found to be involved in important biochemical processes and related to various diseases. In this paper, we report the tissue distribution, subcellular location and differential distribution among cancer cell lines of Abhd6, one unannotated member of this group. 
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