An overview on the current status of cancer nanomedicines.

  title={An overview on the current status of cancer nanomedicines.},
  author={Nasimudeen Rehumathbeevi Jabir and Khalid Anwar and Chelapram Kandy Firoz and Mohammad Oves and Mohammad Amjad Kamal and Shams Tabrez},
  journal={Current medical research and opinion},
  volume={34 5},
PURPOSE Cancer remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality across the globe. A recent report suggests around 14.1 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer-related deaths, which are expected to reach 21.7 million and 13 million by 2030 worldwide, respectively. MATERIALS AND METHODS Because of highly complex mechanisms of cancer progression, it is important to explore and develop new innovative technologies which are more efficient compared with presently available treatment options… CONTINUE READING

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