An overview on biodegradation of polystyrene and modified polystyrene: the microbial approach

  title={An overview on biodegradation of polystyrene and modified polystyrene: the microbial approach},
  author={Ba Thanh Ho and T. Roberts and S. Lucas},
  journal={Critical Reviews in Biotechnology},
  pages={308 - 320}
  • Ba Thanh Ho, T. Roberts, S. Lucas
  • Published 2018
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
  • Abstract Polystyrene is a widely used plastic in many aspects of human life and in industries due to its useful characteristics of low cost, light weight, ease of manufacture, versatility, thermal efficiency, durability, and moisture resistance. However, polystyrene is very stable and extremely hard to degrade in the environment after disposal. Polystyrene can be used as a carbon source for microorganisms similar to many other hydrocarbons. The ability of microorganisms to use polystyrene as a… CONTINUE READING
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