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An overview of uniformity tests on the hypersphere

  title={An overview of uniformity tests on the hypersphere},
  author={Eduardo Garc'ia-Portugu'es and Thomas Verdebout},
  journal={arXiv: Methodology},
When modeling directional data, that is, unit-norm multivariate vectors, a first natural question is to ask whether the directions are uniformly distributed or, on the contrary, whether there exist modes of variation significantly different from uniformity. We review in this article a reasonably exhaustive collection of uniformity tests for assessing uniformity in the hypersphere. Specifically, we review the classical circular-specific tests, the large class of Sobolev tests with its many… 
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This work develops a consistent and easily applicable goodness-of-fit test against all alternatives to ellipticity when the scatter matrix is unknown and reformulated as an asymptotic uniformity test for certain sequences of exchangeable vectors on the unit sphere.


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  • J. Pycke
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2007
It is shown that this type of U-statistic, whose kernel is invariant by isometries, can be separated into a set of statistics whose limiting random variables are independent, and an interpretation of Watson type identities between quadratic functionals of Gaussian processes is proposed.
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SUMMARY Tests of randomness of directions in three-dimensional space or equivalently tests of uniform distribution of points on the unit sphere are treated. One test is against alternatives which