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An overview of the vulnerability of Venice to the impacts of climate change and sea level rise

  title={An overview of the vulnerability of Venice to the impacts of climate change and sea level rise},
  author={E. Ramieri},
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The ANDROID case study; Venice and its territory: existing mitigation options and challenges for the future
The Work Package 7 (Research Futures & Special Interest Groups) of the ANDROID project, within a specific working group, selected Venice and its territory as an emblematic case study of a region thatExpand
Flood Protection in Venice under Conditions of Sea-Level Rise: An Analysis of Institutional and Technical Measures
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Protecting Venice from tidal floods in times of climate change
Introduction Safeguarding Venice is a national priority since 1973 when the so called “special legislation for Venice” regime was established with the aim to protect urban centers from tidal floodsExpand
An Economic Assessment of the Impacts of the Mose Barriers on Venice Port Activities
Due to its hydro-geological features, the lagoon of Venice is especially vulnerable to climate change. In particular, it is strongly affected by gradual global warming that brings about the so-calledExpand


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Flood Risk Analysis in the Upper Adriatic Sea due to Storm Surge, Tide, Waves, and Natural and Anthropic Land Subsidence
The low-lying coastal areas of the Eastern Po plain bordered by the Upper Adriatic Sea are characterized by environments (lagoons, marshes and river deltas) with a precarious hydrogeologicalExpand
Aspetti naturalistici della laguna e la laguna come risorsa
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Analisi del processo di subsidenza nell'area veneziana e sua simulazione con un modello tridimensionale non lineare
This paper describes the studies performed and the results obtained under the framework of the Project "Sistema Lagunare Veneziano", Research Line 2. 7. A short review of the land subsidenceExpand
Assessment of climatic change impacts on coastal zones in the Mediterranean
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Assessment of coastal vulnerability to climate change
The concepts and ideas that underpin the chapter Coastal Zones of the UNEP Handbook are presented and particular emphasis is given to the conceptual framework, which is centered around the concept of vulnerability. Expand
Causes of twentieth-century temperature change near the Earth's surface
Observations of the Earth's near-surface temperature show a global-mean temperature increase of approximately 0.6 K since 1900 (ref. 1), occurring from 1910 to 1940 and from 1970 to the present. TheExpand
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