An overview of the phylogeny and diversity of eukaryotes

  title={An overview of the phylogeny and diversity of eukaryotes},
  author={S. Baldauf},
  journal={Journal of Systematics and Evolution},
  • S. Baldauf
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Journal of Systematics and Evolution
  • Our understanding of eukaryote biology is dominated by the study of land plants, animals and fungi. However, these are only three isolated fragments of the full diversity of extant eukaryotes. The majority of eu- karyotes, in terms of major taxa and probably also sheer numbers of cells, consists of exclusively or predomi- nantly unicellular lineages. A surprising number of these lineages are poorly characterized. Nonetheless, they are fundamental to our understanding of eukaryote biology and… CONTINUE READING
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