An overview of the impact of Hurricane Harvey on chemical and process facilities in Texas

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Technological accidents caused by floods: The case of the Saga prefecture oil spill, Japan 2019
Associating Increased Chemical Exposure to Hurricane Harvey in a Longitudinal Panel Using Silicone Wristbands
Hurricane Harvey was associated with flood-related damage to chemical plants and oil refineries, and the flooding of hazardous waste sites, including 13 Superfund sites. As clean-up efforts began,
Dynamics of severe accidents in the oil & gas energy sector derived from the authoritative ENergy-related severe accident database
It is found that chains of up to five events can play a significant role in severe accidents, consisting of feedback loops of the aforementioned events but also of secondary events not directly identifiable from graph topology and yet participating in the most likely chains-of-events.
Fragility Assessment of Floating Roof Storage Tanks during Severe Rainfall Events
AbstractIn 2017, Hurricane Harvey, highlighted the vulnerability of floating roof storage tanks to severe rainfall events. Several floating roofs failed due to rainwater accumulating on them, causi...


A qualitative Natech damage scale for the impact of floods on selected industrial facilities
There is increasing evidence that natural disasters can trigger technological accidents and damage. These so-called Natech accidents can pose a significant risk to regions that are unprepared for
Petroleum and Hazardous Material Releases from Industrial Facilities Associated with Hurricane Katrina
To reduce the risk of hazardous material releases and speed the return to normal operations under these difficult conditions, greater attention should be devoted to risk-based facility design and improved prevention and response planning.
Impact of the 11 March 2011, Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami on the chemical industry
The Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami damaged or destroyed many industrial facilities housing or processing hazardous substances, such as refineries, petrochemical facilities and other types of