An overview of the Afrotropical Ommatiinae (Diptera: Asilidae) with a key to genera

  title={An overview of the Afrotropical Ommatiinae (Diptera: Asilidae) with a key to genera},
  author={Aubrey G. Scarbrough},
The nine genera of the Afrotropical Ommatiinae are briefly reviewed and include a revised key to genera. A new genus and a species group are diagnosed and described. New genus: Longibeccus (type species, O. fuscovittatus Ricardo, 1900). New combinations: Transferred to Longibeccus from Ommatius, 1821: O. fuscovittatus Ricardo, 1900, and O. imperator Oldroyd, 1939. New status: subgenus Metommatius Hull, 1962, is elevated to generic level. New species group: neotenellus includes Ommatius… 

Review of the species of Michotamia from China with a description of a new species (Diptera, Asilidae)

A new name is given to Michotamia nigra Scarbrough & Hill, 2000, which is preoccupied by Michotia nigra (Meijere, 1911) and is described and figured.

Insect biodiversity of the Socotra Archipelago – underlined and counted

The diversity of insects in Socotra is briefly commented on and compared with the nearest archipelago – the Seychelles.

Ommatius nanciae, a new species from Ecuador (Diptera, Asilidae, Ommatiinae)

Uma nova especie de Ommatius Wiedemann, 1821 e descrita para o Equador. O habito, as terminalias masculina e feminina sao descritos e ilustrados.