An overview of security challenges in communication networks

  title={An overview of security challenges in communication networks},
  author={Marija Furdek and Lena Wosinska and R{\'o}za Goscien and Konstantinos Manousakis and Michal Aibin and Krzysztof Walkowiak and Sashko Ristov and Marjan Gusev and Jos{\'e}-Luis Marzo},
  journal={2016 8th International Workshop on Resilient Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM)},
The ongoing transition towards a networked society requires reliable and secure network infrastructure and services. As networks evolve from simple point to point systems towards complex, software-defined, ultra-high capacity and reach, and distributed cloud environments, new security challenges emerge. The EU-funded RECODIS project aims at coordinating and fostering research collaboration in Europe on disaster resiliency in communication networks. One of the disaster types, considered by… CONTINUE READING