An overview of a system for automatic generation of file conversion programs

  title={An overview of a system for automatic generation of file conversion programs},
  author={N. Adam Rin and Maxine D. Brown},
  journal={Software: Practice and Experience},
This paper describes a processor which automatically produces file conversion programs based on non‐procedural user specification. The processor accepts, as input, descriptions of a source file and a desired target file with some auxiliary descriptions of associations between the two. This is specified by a user in a Data Description Language (DDL). To specify validation criteria, complex conversions not built in to the system, security criteria or summary processes, the system also accepts… 

A Program Generator Package For Management Of Data Files—The Input Language

A new, integrated package of generators of programs which perform manipulation of sequential data files, which may be viewed as the design of a new, non-procedural, special-purpose, high-level language for data manipulation.

Designing SENSE (a software environment for social science rEsearch): The role of software tools

Various aspects of the initial design of the SENSE software environment are considered with particular reference to the importance of software tools in thatdesign, as well as providing an ideal model for the structuring of brand newapplication software.


“Automatic generation of data conversion programs using a data description language”

The paper describes the application of automatic program generation methodology in generating file conversion programs in PL/1 capable of converting the source file and producing the target file.