An overview of LLNL high-energy short-pulse technology for advanced radiography of laser fusion experiments

  title={An overview of LLNL high-energy short-pulse technology for advanced radiography of laser fusion experiments},
  author={C. Barty and M. Key and J. Britten and R. Beach and G. Beer and C. Brown and S. Bryan and J. Caird and T. Carlson and J. Crane and J. Dawson and Alvin C. Erlandson and D. Fittinghoff and M. Hermann and Curly R. Hoaglan and A. Iyer and L. Jones and I. Jovanovic and A. Komashko and O. Landen and Z. Liao and W. Molander and S. Mitchell and E. Moses and N. Nielsen and H. Nguyen and J. Nissen and S. Payne and D. Pennington and L. Risinger and M. Rushford and K. Skulina and M. Spaeth and B. Stuart and G. Tietbohl and B. Wattellier},
  journal={Nuclear Fusion},
The technical challenges and motivations for high-energy, short-pulse generation with the National Ignition Facility (NIF) and possibly other large-scale Nd : glass lasers are reviewed. High-energy short-pulse generation (multi-kilojoule, picosecond pulses) will be possible via the adaptation of chirped pulse amplification laser techniques on NIF. Development of metre-scale, high-efficiency, high-damage-threshold final optics is a key technical challenge. In addition, deployment of high energy… Expand
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