An outbreak of paederus dermatitis in a suburban hospital in Sri Lanka

  title={An outbreak of paederus dermatitis in a suburban hospital in Sri Lanka},
  author={S. D. Kamaladasa and W D Perera and L Weeratunge},
  journal={International Journal of Dermatology},

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An outbreak of Paederus dermatitis in Thai military personnel.
An outbreak of Paederus dermatitis in Thai military personnel in 2007 was reported and a high incidence of lesions in unexposed body parts was found. Expand
An outbreak of 268 cases of Paederus dermatitis in a toy‐building factory in central China
Objective  To evaluate the clinical features of and to identify the pathogen responsible for an outbreak of acute dermatitis in a toy‐building factory in Chibi city, central China.
Paederus dermatitis in northern Iran: a report of 156 cases
Pederus dermatitis develops when beetles of the genus Paederus are crushed on the skin, releasing the vesicant pederin, which can cause skin irritation and itching. Expand
An outbreak of Paederus dermatitis in a suburban hospital in South India: a report of 123 cases and review of literature.
Clinically, the most common presentation consisted of linear, geographic, erythematous plaques with a "burnt" appearance, and an outbreak of paederus dermatitis can occur in tropical regions. Expand
An outbreak of Paederus dermatitis in a primary school, Terengganu, Malaysia.
P. fuscipes was easily found in the paddy fields and along the school corridors and strongly supports it as the likely causative agent for the dermatitis. Expand
Paederus dermatitis in Egypt: a clinicopathological and ultrastructural study
The histopathological and ultrastructural changes and their relationship to pederin toxin have not been described and are likely to have an important role in the etiology of PD. Expand
A study on Paederus dermatitis outbreak in a suburban teaching research hospital, Kanchipuram, India.
Clinical education and awareness regarding this condition will prevent misdiagnosis, and simple preventive measures such as use of insecticide like pyrethroid, clearing of excess vegetation would check the Paederus infection. Expand
paederus dermatitis in two moroccan soldiers during a medical mission in guinea bissau
Paederus dermatitis is a vesicant and erythematous dermatosis caused by exposure to pederin, which is a toxic substance contained in the haemolymph of an insect of the genus Paederus. The cutaneousExpand
Irritant Dermatitis to Staphylinid Beetle in Indian Troops in Congo.
BACKGROUND Contact dermatitis to Staphylinid beetle is a well known entity worldwide. Paederus sabaeus (Econda) species of this insect was responsible for a widespread occurrence of this dermatitisExpand
Paederus Dermatitis Outbreak in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A Case-Control Study
The investigation determined that reducing burning outdoor lights, cleaning excess vegetation, avoiding sleeping on the floor, using insect repellants, and wearing protective clothing can reduce the risk of contracting Paederus dermatitis. Expand


Staphylinidae dermatitis on Okinawa.
A major outbreak of vesicular dermatitis occurred on Okinawa during the summer of 1966 (June-September) and it was later proved that the dermatitis was the result of contact with the beetle, Paederus fuscipes Curtis (Kinki 1955), or a closely related species of the family Staphylinidae (rove beetle). Expand
Coleoptera Staphylinidae
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