An original charter of King John at Ushaw College, Co. Durham (Ushaw MS 66)

  title={An original charter of King John at Ushaw College, Co. Durham (Ushaw MS 66)},
  author={Benjamin Pohl},
  journal={Northern History},
  pages={138 - 151}
  • B. Pohl
  • Published 27 June 2019
  • History
  • Northern History
The purpose of this note is to make available the text of an original early thirteenthcentury royal confirmation charter recently (re-)discovered by the author in the archives of Ushaw College, Co. Durham, along with a concise commentary concerning the document’s historical context and wider significance. The royal charter was recorded (without a reference number) by Martin Snape in his edition of the acta of the bishops of Durham, but it has otherwise escaped the attention of historians. The… 
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G(er)man(o) Tyson' 47 ./23/Datu(m) per man(um/us) S(imonis) archid(iaconi) Wellens' 48 et Ioh(ann)is de Gray 49

  • /const(abulario) Cestr' 42 , Will(elm)o Brigw' 43

Quare volum(us) et firmit(er)/10/p(re)cipim(us) quod pred(i)c

    †1214), lord of Warkworth, Clavering and Eure, sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk (1190-94 and 1197-1200)

      Ita t(ame)n q(uo)d ip(s)i et h(er)edes eorum focalia et mairemiu(m) ad p(ro)p(ri)as domos/17/et hom(i)num suorum faciendas et reparandas per visum s(er)vient(ium) e(pisco)

      • Dunolm'/16/in om(n)ibus foresta sua

      Gilbert FitzReinfrey (c.1162-1220), lord of Kendal

        Hugh Bardolf, royal justice and baron of the Exchequer (c.1185-c.1203); cf

          denotes witnesses listed in the original charter, but not in the corresponding Charter Roll entry. 1a ¼ TNA C53/2, membr