An orientating study on the synovial fluid with reference to the effect of compound F.

  title={An orientating study on the synovial fluid with reference to the effect of compound F.},
  author={Eino Kulonen and Patrice Makinen},
  journal={Acta rheumatologica Scandinavica},
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SummaryEffusions from knee joints of rheumatoid arthritic patients were studied before and after intra-articular application of hydrocortisone.In more severe cases the intrinsic viscosity was abnormally low and the potassium level was high. In many large effusions the sodium concentration was increased. The treatment caused a decrease in the sodium and potassium levels, but none in the chloride levels. The water-binding capacity was decreased. The low intrinsic viscosity was markedly augmented… Expand
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Effect of hyaluronidase on electrolytes (sodium and potassium) of dog synovial fluid.
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