An orgasm is… who defines what an orgasm is?

  title={An orgasm is… who defines what an orgasm is?},
  author={Roy J Levin},
  journal={Sexual and Relationship Therapy},
  pages={101 - 107}
  • R. Levin
  • Published 1 February 2004
  • Psychology
  • Sexual and Relationship Therapy
One of the marked differences between men and women is the relative ease by which most men can achieve an orgasm compared to the greater difficulty for a considerable percentage of women. It is often said that men are goal-orientated to obtain an orgasm during sex but that women are far less single-minded about the activity. A national survey of British sexual behaviour using a statistically valid population sample (Wellings et al., 1994) questioned both men and women to agree or disagree with… Expand
A woman with a high capacity for multi-orgasms: a non-clinical case-report study
This study is a qualitative study of one woman's capacity to reach more than one hundred orgasms during one sexual “session”. The study is based on her written account of her capacity and interviews.Expand
On orgasm, sexual techniques, and erotic perceptions in 18- to 74-year-old Swedish women.
This investigation shows that women's generation and with it several long-ranging aspects of women's sexual history and their feelings of being sexual are important indicators of their orgasmic and thereby their overall sexual well-being. Expand
The human female orgasm: critical evaluations of proposed psychological sequelae
Orgasm is assumed to be the height of sexual pleasure, reinforcing the recurrence of sexual behaviors. Surprisingly, data supporting the role of orgasm as a reward in women appear lacking. The mostExpand
Empathic sexual responses in heterosexual women and men
Two distinct empathic sexual responses have been mentioned anecdotally in the literature: (1) an increase in physiological sexual arousal in response to the sexual arousal of the partner (empathicExpand
Are There Different Types of Female Orgasm?
Future research directions were outlined, especially the need to examine whether the same individual experiences different types of orgasms with partners with different characteristics, as evolutionary theorizing predicts should be the case. Expand
Physiology of Orgasm
The human orgasm, although tantalizingly short, is perhaps the greatest bodily pleasure that most men and women can experience without recourse to drugs. It is a complex of subjective mental withExpand
Exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women
Orgasm is typically considered to be a sexual experience. However, orgasms occurring during physical exercise have been occasionally documented. The primary objective of the current study was toExpand
Women's Experiences With Genital Touching, Sexual Pleasure, and Orgasm: Results From a U.S. Probability Sample of Women Ages 18 to 94
Assessment of experiences related to orgasm, sexual pleasure, and genital touching in a U.S. probability sample of women found that, while clitoral stimulation was not needed, their orgasms feel better if their clitoris is stimulated during intercourse. Expand
The physiology of human sexual function
Abstract The terminology for the complexities of human sexual activity is discussed and the male and female sexual arousal to orgasm is described with its underlying physiological mechanisms. TheExpand
Clinical Implications in Vaginal Orgasm Response
There are two distinct orgasm experiences achieved by PWV which differ in physiological and psychological response, and counselor educators can use results from this study to help expand their knowledge on sexual response. Expand


Written descriptions of orgasm: A study of sex differences
The findings of this study suggest that the experience of orgasm for males and females is essentially the same. Expand
Subjective sexual experience in college women
  • R. Clifford
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Archives of sexual behavior
  • 1978
Some evidence was found supporting the role of social learning in developing sensitivity in the clitoris and vagina and possibly the breasts and some support was found for Singer and Singer's typology of orgasm at a subjective level. Expand
The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality
169 the sensation in somewhat later women should keepup. Yes it but this study of his oats a man and lauren bacall. I have them then itincreases, in erotic and sensitivity to anything it harder. YouExpand
Do all orgasms feel alike? Evaluating a two‐dimensional model of the orgasm experience across gender and sexual context
Overall, findings supported the utility of a two‐dimensional model of the orgasm experience, an adjective‐rating approach in comparing male and female orgasm, and the importance of examining sexual context effects on theOrgasm experience. Expand
Development of a woman's multiple orgasm pattern: A research case report
Abstract A 36‐year‐old woman with limited previous sexual experience was repeatedly monitored as she learned to stimulate herself digitally to orgasm. During 7 laboratory sessions spanning 5 months,Expand
New data about female sexual response.
  • C. Butler
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 1976
Responses indicated that, on the average, the strength and degree of gratification provided by an orgasm is not related to the method of induction or to the subjective localization of the pulsating sensations. Expand
[Vaginal contractions in female orgasm].
Contractions seem to frequently accompany subjective experience of female orgasm, but are not its necessary condition, and some women experience their orgasm regularly without contractions and some report having contractions during orgasm only occasionally. Expand
Orgasm in women in the laboratory—quantitative studies on duration, intensity, latency, and vaginal blood flow
Sexual arousal by clitoral self-stimulation was used by healthy, young adult women volunteers to induce orgasm in the laboratory and data obtained on the duration of orgasm from questionnaires or interviews have suspect validity. Expand
The G-spot—reality or illusion?
In 1950 Ernst Grafenberg, a gynaecologist who had left Nazi Germany to live in New York, published a paper in a somewhat obscure sexological journal describing a highly erogenous zone on the anteriorExpand
Is prolactin the biological 'off switch' for human sexual arousal?
The contemporary research focus on human sexuality has been on the factors and biological mechanisms creating arousal as sexual dysfunction has always been equated with the inability to becomeExpand