An oral bait vaccination approach for the Tasmanian devil facial tumor diseases

  title={An oral bait vaccination approach for the Tasmanian devil facial tumor diseases},
  author={Andrew S. Flies and E. Flies and S. Fox and A. Gilbert and S. Johnson and Guei-Sheung Liu and A. B. Lyons and Amanda L. Patchett and D. Pemberton and Ruth J Pye},
  journal={Expert Review of Vaccines},
  pages={1 - 10}
ABSTRACT Introduction: The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is the largest extant carnivorous marsupial. Since 1996, its population has declined by 77% primarily due to a clonal transmissible tumor, known as devil facial tumor (DFT1) disease. In 2014, a second transmissible devil facial tumor (DFT2) was discovered. DFT1 and DFT2 are nearly 100% fatal. Areas covered: We review DFT control approaches and propose a rabies-style oral bait vaccine (OBV) platform for DFTs. This approach has an… Expand
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