An optomechanical model eye for ophthalmological refractive studies.

  title={An optomechanical model eye for ophthalmological refractive studies.},
  author={Ashkan Arianpour and Eric J. Tremblay and Igor Stamenov and Joseph E. Ford and David J. Schanzlin and Yuhwa Lo},
  journal={Journal of refractive surgery},
  volume={29 2},
PURPOSE To create an accurate, low-cost optomechanical model eye for investigation of refractive errors in clinical and basic research studies. METHODS An optomechanical fluid-filled eye model with dimensions consistent with the human eye was designed and fabricated. Optical simulations were performed on the optomechanical eye model, and the quantified resolution and refractive errors were compared with the widely used Navarro eye model using the ray-tracing software ZEMAX (Radiant Zemax… CONTINUE READING


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