An optimized secured service selection under mobile adhoc networks


Optimized secure service is more important in our transaction. Now a day's many centers such as computer emergency response publishes more and more vulnerability disclosures every year. Therefore many securities are needed to protect the file from various attacks. My work is based on proposing a mobile vulnerability detection and restoration (mavdrs) based on multiple mobile agent technologies. In the networks the worm may consist of some list of vulnerable in particular targeted network. While the targeted hosts occurs it start propagates rapidly using the list. This factor may lead to the transactions terminal and it cannot guarantee for safety. Most detecting methods don't detect the worms in effective manner. For this purpose my works implements with intrusion detection system based on multi mobile agent technologies. In this vulnerability detection and restoration system, which restoration mechanism adopts ant colony optimization can reduce the vulnerability. In this transaction takes place first, at that time if any vulnerable presents it denotes that the file presents with worms and it specifies the worm in which stage. The stages are stable, vulnerable presence, exploit and zombie. By using this we can easily identify the worms and it can be detected. Intrusion detection method performs a major task. First vulnerability scanning is an activity, second is selecting infection targets, and our system detects the vulnerable and restore the activities. By performing this action our file can be transferred in securable manner.

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