An optimized interconnection network based on genetic algorithm

  • Aradhya Saini
  • Published 2016 in
    2016 Fourth International Conference on Parallel…


The use of digital systems is increasing day by day. The degree of fast communication between the subsystems is the factor determining the performance of the digital appliances. This is governed by the design of the interconnection network. A well designed interconnection network involves usage of scarce resources. This helps in offering high bandwidth with latency being low, thus providing users with minimum cost. In this paper we focus on designing an interconnection network that leads to faster communication which in turn enhances the efficiency of the system. Also as the design should be constrained to some parameters so we take cost and bisection bandwidth as the two parameters. The maximization of bisection bandwidth and minimization of cost is carried out. As there is tradeoff between both of them therefore optimization is required and for this purpose we use genetic algorithm. This helps in providing us with the required network which is optimized to the parameters.

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