An optimization-simulation model for a simple LNG process

  title={An optimization-simulation model for a simple LNG process},
  author={A. Aspelund and T. Gundersen and J. Myklebust and M. P. Nowak and Asgeir Tomasgard},
  journal={Computers & Chemical Engineering},
A gradient free optimization-simulation method for processes modelled with the simulator Aspen HYSYS is developed. The tool is based on a Tabu Search (TS) and the Nelder-Mead Downhill Simplex (NMDS) method. The local optima that result from the TS are fine-tuned with NMDS to reduce the required number of simulations. The tool has been applied to find the total refrigerant flow rate, composition and the refrigerant suction and condenser pressures that minimize the energy requirements of a Prico… CONTINUE READING


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