An optimal Poincaré inequality for convex domains

  title={An optimal Poincar{\'e} inequality for convex domains},
  author={Lawrence Edward Payne and Hans F. Weinberger},
  journal={Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis},

A P ] 11 S ep 2 01 3 Logarithmically-concave moment measures

  • Mathematics
  • 2014
We discuss a certain Riemannian metric, related to the toric Kähler-Einstein equation, that is associated in a linearly-invariant manner with a giv en log-concave measure in Rn. We use this metric in

Eigenvalue Estimates for $p$-Laplace Problems on Domains Expressed in Fermi Coordinates

We prove explicit and sharp eigenvalue estimates for Neumann p-Laplace eigenvalues in domains that admit a representation in Fermi coordinates. More precisely, if γ denotes a non-closed curve in R

Functional Inequalities on Weighted Riemannian Manifolds Subject to Curvature-Dimension Conditions

We establish new sharp inequalities of Poincare or log-Sobolev type, on geodesically-convex weighted Riemannian manifolds $(M,\mathfrak{g},\mu)$ whose (generalized) Ricci curvature

Sharp Poincaré inequalities in a class of non-convex sets

Let $\gamma$ be a smooth curve whose image is symmetric with respect to the y-axis, and let D be a planar domain consisting of the points on one side of $\gamma$, within a suitable distance $\delta$

Stabilization to trajectories and approximate controllability for the equations of fluid mechanics / eingereicht von Duy Phan-Duc

This dissertation is devoted to three main problems: Gevrey regularity, approximate controllability and stabilization to trajectories for some equations of fluid mechanics. The Gevrey regularity

On Constants in Maxwell Inequalities for Bounded and Convex Domains

It is shown that for a bounded and convex domain Ω ⊂ ℝ3, the Maxwell constants are bounded from below and above by the Friedrichs and Poincaré constants of Ω, respectively. Bibliography: 14 titles.

Needle decompositions in Riemannian geometry

The localization technique from convex geometry is generalized to the setting of Riemannian manifolds whose Ricci curvature is bounded from below. In a nutshell, our method is based on the following

Isoperimetric inequalities for eigenvalues of the Laplacian and the Schrödinger operator

The purpose of this manuscript is to present a series of lecture notes on isoperimetric inequalities for the Laplacian, for the Schrödinger operator, and related problems.

A Proof of Bobkov's Spectral Bound For Convex Domains via Gaussian Fitting and Free Energy Estimation

We obtain a new proof of Bobkov's lower bound on the first positive eigenvalue of the (negative) Neumann Laplacian (or equivalently, the Cheeger constant) on a bounded convex domain $K$ in Euclidean

An optimal Poincare inequality in L^1 for convex domains

For convex domains Ω C R n with diameter d we prove ∥u∥ L 1 (ω) ≤ d 2 ∥⊇ u ∥ L 1 (ω) for any u with zero mean value on w. We also show that the constant 1/2 in this inequality is optimal.



Methoden der mathematischen Physik

VIII uber den Inhalt im einzelnen unterrichtet das ausfuhrliche Ver zeichnis. Zur Form ist etwas Grundsatzliches zu sagen: Das klassische Ideal einer gewissermassen atomistischen Auffassung der

Lower Bounds for Vibration Frequencies of Elastically Supported Membranes and Plates

If R is two-dimensional, the eigenvalues Xi(k) are proportional to the squares of the frequencies of a membrane covering R and elastically supported on the boundary B. If R is three-dimensional they

New bounds for solutions of second order elliptic partial differential equations

1. Introduction In a previous paper [10] the authors presented methods for determining, with arbitrary and known accuracy, the Dirichlet integral and the value at a point of a solution of Laplace's