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An open-source radio coverage prediction tool

  title={An open-source radio coverage prediction tool},
  author={Andrej Hrovat and Igor Ozimek and Andrej Vilhar and Tine Celcer and Iztok Saje and Toma{\vz} Javornik},
  booktitle={ICC 2010},
The cellular concept applied in mobile communication systems enables significant increase of overall system capacity, but requires careful radio network planning and dimensioning. [...] Key Method We developed GRASS modules for radio coverage prediction for a number of different radio channel models, with antenna radiation patterns given in the standard MSI format. The results are stored in a data base (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) for further processing and in a simplified form as a bit-map file for displaying in…Expand
Radio coverage calculations of terrestrial wireless networks using an open-source GRASS system
GRASS modules calculating radio coverage prediction for a number of different radio channel models were developed which, together with module considering antenna radiation pattern influence, compute radio signal coverage for a defined cell.
GRASS-RaPlaT − an Open-Source Tool for Radio Coverage Calculations
network is a complex and expensive task which requires careful planning to achieve the required radio signal coverage. Commercial radio network planning tools are available, but they are expensive
A novel 3D ray launching technique for radio propagation prediction in indoor environments
The indoor three-dimensional (3D) Minimum Ray Launching Maximum Accuracy (MRLMA) technique, which is applicable for an efficient indoor radio wave propagation prediction prediction, showed that the indoor 3D MRLMA model is appropriate for wireless communications network systems design and optimization process.
Simulation and compiler support for communication and mobility for environment sensing. (Simulation et support du compilateur pour la communication et la mobilité pour la surveillance de I'environnement)
Simulation techniques based on geography analysis are described to compute long-range radio coverages and radio characteristics in these situations and it is shown how a unified approach also allows to characterize the behavior of potential physical risks.
GPU computation acceleration of GRASS GIS modules for predicting radio-propagation
GPGPU (General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units) is a parallel computation technique that has become very popular with the advent of high performance and relatively low priced
An IO-efficient parallel implementation of an R2 viewshed algorithm for large terrain maps on a CUDA GPU
The results demonstrate that the proposed implementation of the R2 algorithm is faster and more IO efficient than previously presented IO-efficient algorithms, and that it achieves moderate calculation precision compared to the R3 algorithm.
Implementation of the r . cuda . los module in the open source GRASS GIS by using parallel computation on the NVIDIA CUDA graphic cards
Parallel computing is in expanding phase in GIS applications. A very attractive solution for parallel computing are the NVIDIA graphic cards, with a parallel computing platform and the CUDA (Compute
Radiation of a Vertical Dipole over Flat and Lossy Ground using the Spectral Domain Approach: Comparison of Stationary Phase Method Analytical Solution with Numerical Integration Results
In this paper we re-consider the problem of radiation from a vertical short (Hertzian) dipole above flat lossy ground, which represents the well-known in the literature ‘Sommerfeld radiation
Radiation of a Vertical Dipole Antenna over Flat and Lossy Ground: Accurate Electromagnetic Field Calculation using the Spectral Domain Approach along with Redefined Integral Representations and corresponding Novel Analytical Solution
In this paper we examine the problem of radiation from a vertical short (Hertzian) dipole above flat lossy ground, known in the literature as the ‘Sommerfeld radiation problem’. Our formulation is in
The Radiation Problem from a Vertical Short Dipole Antenna above Flat and Lossy Ground: Novel Formulation in the Spectral Domain with Closed - Form Analytical Solution in the High Frequency Regime
We consider the problem of radiation from a vertical short (Hertzian) dipole above flat lossy ground, which represents the well-known “Sommerfeld radiation problem” in the literature. The problem is


Empirical formula for propagation loss in land mobile radio services
  • M. Hata
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
  • 1980
An empirical formula for propagation loss is derived from Okumura's report in order to put his propagation prediction method to computational use. The propagation loss in an urban area is presented
Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems
From the Publisher: This title introduces the basic concepts and specific applications of antennas and propagation to wireless systems, covering terrestrial and satellite radio systems in both
Radio propagation for vehicular communications
  • K. Bullington
  • Geology
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
  • 1977
Radio propagation is affected by many factors including the frequency, distance, antenna heights, curvature of the earth, atmospheric conditions, and the presence of hills and buildings. The
Principles of Mobile Communication
The Principles of Mobile Communication, Third Edition stresses the "fundamentals" of physical-layer wireless and mobile communications engineering that are important for the design of "any" wireless system.
Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach
Thoroughly updated with material related to the GRASS6, the third edition includes new sections on attribute database management and SQL support, vector networks analysis, lidar data processing and
Mitasova, Open source GIS – a GRASS GIS aproach
  • 2008
Open source GIS – a GRASS GIS aproach, third edition
  • Open source GIS – a GRASS GIS aproach, third edition
  • 2008
Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication
Principles of mobile communications
  • Principles of mobile communications
  • 2001