An ontology-neutral framework for enrichment analysis.

  title={An ontology-neutral framework for enrichment analysis.},
  author={Rob Tirrell and Uday Evani and Ari E. Berman and Sean D. Mooney and Mark A. Musen and Nigam Haresh Shah},
  journal={AMIA ... Annual Symposium proceedings. AMIA Symposium},
Advanced statistical methods used to analyze high-throughput data (e.g. gene-expression assays) result in long lists of "significant genes." One way to gain insight into the significance of altered expression levels is to determine whether Gene Ontology (GO) terms associated with a particular biological process, molecular function, or cellular component are over- or under-represented in the set of genes deemed significant. This process, referred to as enrichment analysis, profiles a gene-set… CONTINUE READING
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