An oncological view on the blood-testis barrier.

  title={An oncological view on the blood-testis barrier.},
  author={Joost Bart and Harry J. M. Groen and Winette T A van der Graaf and Harry Hollema and N. Harry Hendrikse and Willem Vaalburg and Dirk Th. Sleijfer and Elisabeth G. E. de Vries},
  journal={The Lancet. Oncology},
  volume={3 6},
The function of the blood-testis barrier is to protect germ cells from harmful influences; thus, it also impedes the delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs to the testis. The barrier has three components: first, a physicochemical barrier consisting of continuous capillaries, Sertoli cells in the tubular wall, connected together with narrow tight junctions, and a myoid-cell layer around the seminiferous tubule. Second, an efflux-pump barrier that contains P-glycoprotein in the luminal capillary… CONTINUE READING

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