An on-chip, attofarad interconnect charge-based capacitance measurement (CBCM) technique

  title={An on-chip, attofarad interconnect charge-based capacitance measurement (CBCM) technique},
  author={J. C. Chen and B. W. McGaughy and Daniel Sylvester and Chenming Hu},
  journal={International Electron Devices Meeting. Technical Digest},
In this paper, a sensitive and simple technique for parasitic interconnect capacitance measurement with 0.0l fF or 10 aF sensitivity is presented. This on-chip technique is based upon an efficient test structure design. No reference capacitor is needed. The measurement itself is also simple; only a DC current meter is required. We have applied this technique to extract various interconnect geometry capacitances, including the capacitance of a single Metal 2 over Metal 1 crossing, for an… CONTINUE READING
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