An investigation on thermo-hydraulic performance of a flat-plate channel with pyramidal protrusions

  title={An investigation on thermo-hydraulic performance of a flat-plate channel with pyramidal protrusions},
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Thermal performance of a circular tube embedded with TBVG inserts: an experimental study

The results of various geometrical and flow parameters on thermal energy transfer and performance of tube heat exchangers with solid and perforated "triple-blade vortex generator" insert are

Influence of geometric parameters on the thermal hydraulic performance of an ellipsoidal protruded enhanced tube

ABSTRACT In this paper, the numerical simulation model of an ellipsoidal protruded tube has been established considering thermal hydraulic performance. The flow field characteristics and heat

Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Pseudo-Plastic Fluid in a Pipe Heat Exchanger Equipped with a Modified Twisted Tape

The present paper, heat transfer and flow of shear-thinning non-Newtonian fluids in a circular tube under constant heat flux with a modified twisted tape, have been numerically studied in a laminar,



Effects of Pin Detached Space on Heat Transfer and From Pin Fin Arrays

Heat transfer and pressure characteristics in a rectangular channel with pin-fin arrays of partial detachment from one of the endwalls have been experimentally studied. The overall channel geometry

Numerical study of flow patterns and heat transfer in mini twisted oval tubes

Flow patterns and heat transfer inside mini twisted oval tubes (TOTs) heated by constant-temperature walls are numerically investigated. Different configurations of tubes are simulated using water as

Nusselt Number and Friction Factor of Staggered Arrays of Low Aspect Ratio Micropin-Fins Under Cross Flow for Water as Fluid

Experimental results of the thermal and hydraulic performances of silicon-based, low aspect ratio micropin-fin cold plates under cross flow conditions are reported. The pins were both circular and