An investigation of the pathophysiology of ischaemic neuropathy.

  title={An investigation of the pathophysiology of ischaemic neuropathy.},
  author={CiaranP. Kelly and Cheryl Andrea Augustine and Barbara Rooney and David J. Bouchier-Hayes},
  journal={European journal of vascular surgery},
  volume={5 5},
This study assesses the changes in the microvasculature of peripheral nerves in acute large vessel ischaemic neuropathy. An animal model of large vessel ligation, producing an ischaemic neuropathy was used: the presence and extent of the neuropathy was documented by clinical examination and nerve conduction studies. The nerve microcirculation, the "vasa nervorum" was examined using casting materials, methyl methacrylate and silicone rubber, which were in turn examined by light microscopy and… CONTINUE READING