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An investigation into privacy and security in online social networking sites among IIUM students

  title={An investigation into privacy and security in online social networking sites among IIUM students},
  author={Husein Osman Abdullahi and Abdirizaq Said and Jamaludin Ibrahim},
the issues of privacy and security in online social networking sites have been the dual themes of utmost concern amongst many communities and IIUM community in particular. This article highlights the importance of online social networking sites such as: Face book, Google+, and Twitter and the issues of privacy and security in online interactions. The authors also argue that the online social networks have played a significant role on daily digital interaction for more than half billion users… 

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  • Osama M. Sangor, Haider K. Hoomod
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    2016 Al-Sadeq International Conference on Multidisciplinary in IT and Communication Science and Applications (AIC-MITCSA)
  • 2016
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